If a picture says a thousand words, what are your photos saying
about your business, product or service?

Are your images sharp and clear? Are they current? Do they make your client want to buy your products? Are they – horror of horrors – stock images?

contemporary family room, interior design by Burns Century Designcontemporary family room, interior design by Burns Century Design

Architectural Photography

“The photos look stunning – wow – it always amazes me how wonderful the photography comes out! Kudos!!”
unsolicited testimonial from Burns Century, of Burns Century Design, on seeing images from our most recent architectural photo shoot.


Product Photography

diamond, gold and silver jewelry

“You’re right, you are great. They look fabulous. Thanks sooooo much.”
Kenneth Gordon, private jeweler.

product photography of a hand crafted Adirondack style chair with footstool“Just wanted you to know that Barb and I had a chance to look through the disc of chair photography and it looks really great! We are very pleased.” Another unsolicited compliment, courtesy of Barry Brantley, Meritus Design, after a product photography photo shoot.
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