Questions to ask your next web designer

How long will it take to get new my web site up?

I can get a basic landing page up in a few hours, the rest of the web site in a few weeks, IF you are able to supply the text and images in a timely fashion. I don’t know your business like you do. Your involvement is required to get the site content that your prospects need to see. We will work together, me on the design and coding side, you on the content, to get a website that is an extension of your business.

Will my site be a template or custom?

Every site is customized, to make it uniquely yours. Colors that you like, images that represent you and your business, a layout that fits your needs. Web sites are a great tool to reach out to your prospective clients, with a look and feel that represents you and your business.

How do we get started?

Give me a call at 770.931.8170 or email me, we will discuss what you are looking for and how to achieve that goal. And the goal isn’t just to have a pretty website, it’s to have a website that will draw in new clients and be great to look at too.

Do you supply photos or write the copy?

As a photographer, I have some stock images on hand and am always willing to create new images. We can get stock images from many places on-line, and your and your vendors may have plenty of high quality images to use. With permission, of course, I will never use images found somewhere without permission of the copyright holder.

I do not write the copy. I have a number of talented and experienced writers I can refer you to. They will do a great job of creating the right text to suit your market, using the best SEO keywords in the right places to get your site better ranking.

Are you around after the site is up for changes, debugging, and other maintenance?

Yes! Your site is my baby, I won’t leave it and you behind. Websites need updates frequently, we can work out a schedule to download security updates and make your changes as you need them.

Do you do SEO?

Yes! Every site I build has basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built in, with custom document titles and descriptions for every page. Beware of the emails you get offering to get you to the top of Google in one day, those are scams. No one can guarantee top placement that will remain at the top. Built-in SEO as I do it is within Google guidelines, I don’t risk your site placement by using black hat practices or link farming.

That said, SEO is not a one time, do it and it’s done forever type of thing. To keep your site high in the rankings, you need to frequently update the content, using new keywords as appropriate. We can work on how you can do this yourself, or how to hire a SEO or content marketing expert to do it for you.

Do you host websites?

Yes, I am a reseller for Hostgator, one of the better hosting companies for WordPress-based sites. The advantage you have of hosting your website with me is that I can speak to the tech guys in language they understand, take care of problems as they come up and you don’t have to worry about why or how. I can also work with the hosting company of your choice, you will just need to give me the access information.

How do you charge?

After we determine the scope of your website I will present you with a quote for the basic design layout of the site and navigation, with a per page cost for pages beyond the home page. If all you need is one page, you get a great deal! If you have the skills or the staff to add content and add new pages, you can keep your costs down by just paying for the basic site design. But if you need help with the full web site develpoment, I will do that also.

The price also includes a training session of up to two hours, on how to update your site, how to add pages, blogs, photos, etc.

What’s the difference between a website developer and a website designer?

To simplify it, think of it this way: the developer works with the code (the geeky side of things), a web designer works with the looks (the artsy side of things). Sometimes a designer only will design a great site, but not do the coding to get the site functional. Some developers only work with the code, getting the design and images from the designer and putting together the code to make the site work. Since I work with WordPress as the base, most of the structural code is in place, which means that the code that I work with serves to make the site useful to the end user and awesome to look at too. So I am part designer, part developer, able to handle both sides of the project.

Enough talk, look at some of my work:

Interior Designer Cindy Varga's sites, before and after

Interior Designer Cindy Varga’s sites, before and after

Interior Designer Cindy Varga had a half-completed site before she came to me. Not only does she have a new site with many more photos and much more information, Cindy also had the opportunity to truly analyze her business, where she wanted it to go, and how she wanted to present herself to her market.

“I am really pleased, and I greatly appreciate your expertise and advice.” Cindy Varga, client

Designs by Donna's website before and after

Designs by Donna’s website before and after

Donna’s previous site was dark and depressing. It was hard for Donna to reach the part-timers who managed the site when she wanted any changes made. She came to me asking for a clean, fresh site, one that reflects her values and approach. Donna also wanted to be very accessible to the various social media outlets, including posting her blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, showing her work on Houzz and making all of her images Pinnable on Pinterest.

“I am totally happy with you and what you have done with my website.” Donna Cash, client

Sew Cozy Interiors' new website shows off lavish fabrics in custom soft furnishings

Sew Cozy Interiors’ new website shows off lavish fabrics in custom soft furnishings

Sew Cozy Interiors wanted a site that showed the beauty of the fabrics they use, the details of custom fabrication, and the elegance that custom window treatments will bring to a room. The client supplied the text, I supplied most of the photography and the design. Using WordPress as the base for the site, it is totally customized to suit the client, who was also given training in how to update the photo gallery and add blogs.

A fun site for a party dance band needing to showcase the fun they generate

A fun site for a party dance band needing to showcase the fun they generate

The good folks at Daddy-O-Strut needed a lively site to showcase the fun they generate at parties, and a place for prospective customers to hear samples of their music. The client gave guidance on the fonts, colors and content, I put it all together for them.

BevRep needed a website to showcase what they do, which is service commercial beverage dispensers

BevRep needed a website to showcase what they do, which is service commercial beverage dispensers

BevRep had a website but wanted a fresh look and approach to marketing to their clients, commercial beverage dispenser users who needed maintenance and service. This site features many of the products they service, and shows some of their extensive parts warehouse and service capabilities.

“Thank you for everything. We like it!!!!!!!!!” Jon Frier, client

KD Manufacturing's site showcases some of the many brushes they produce

KD Manufacturing’s site showcases some of the many brushes they produce

KD Manufacturing’s previous site had many broken links and very little information on what KD Brush produced. The new site has many more photos and technical information that show the viewer the range of industrial brushes that KD Brush manufactures. When I added interactive pdf files for submitting a quote, the client received a RFQ 20 minutes before he received a notice from me that all the files were uploaded and working. Now that’s effective marketing results!

Website for SherTek, an high-tech industrial automations supplier

Website for SherTek, an high-tech industrial automations supplier

SherTek started business four years ago, and as a new company did not have much to say for itself. As they grew, the site filled out with additional information, product news,and events they are sponsoring. The site now is robust, full of links for their visitors to get more information, and has excellent SEO.

The manufacturers of Floor Comfort needed a site for technical information.

The manufacturers of Floor Comfort needed a site for technical information.

Since this product is sold to many retailers in the United States and Canada, and not marketed direct to the public, a technical resource site was all they needed. Here they have the information installers need without a lot of hype to purchase now.

After being up with few changes for 4 years, the site has now been redone as a page within the parent company’s website, not as a separate site any more.