Fantastic use of wall space

Houzz has been a great way to see innovative designs and ideas around the world. This is definitely one very cool idea. Not only did the walls become more than just space between rooms, it’s also a great re-use of materials!

I also like the use of photography to tell the story. Just reading the article, I wasn’t sure what or how this design was accomplished. Still photos showed the rooms well, but adding in the animation of the walls rotating, really tells the whole story.

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Home improvement can start with something as minor as installing track lighting or a ceiling fan.
From wallcovering to a stencil, fabric to room dividers, design doesn’t stop at construction.
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Wish this were my client…

Pricing for architectural photography varies quite widely, and I think my prices are a bit on the low side, especially after reading this article from – look for the post dated 1/08/14.

Master bedroom suite addition by Ben Burney, Full Circle Homes

Master bedroom suite addition by Ben Burney, Full Circle Homes

Now, take into consideration the market we are in here in Atlanta, and the types of clients I shoot for. There’s no way they can spend $5000 a day for photography! But good architectural photography is a necessary expense for anyone in the field of interior design, remodeling, construction, and of course architecture. What better way to show off how good you are than a great photo of your latest project? Whether it’s a detail shot of a unique corbel, an overall photo of a home addition, or a corner of a room scene, all of those images build up an impression of quality and confidence in your audience.

stairwellThere are more and more places now to show off your work too. In the old days of the 80’s, about all we had to show our work was a portfolio and a brochure. Now there’s Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Zillow, Pinterest,etc, in addition to your own website, blog, iPad presentations and office wall photos.

I love what I do, which is to create beautiful 2 dimensional views of the 3 dimensional spaces created and designed by very talented professionals. And if that means I don’t get paid the big bucks like those in mentioned in the article, I’m still getting a reasonable amount for the work that I do and for the benefit that the photos bring to my clients. And the feedback from Ben says it all, “Your photos were unbelievable. It’s surreal to see our work in your shots!”

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Congratulations to the Winners!

X barTwo of my clients, John Rogers Renovations and Raymac Remodeling, are the newest winners of the NARI Contractor of the Year award for 2013. John Rogers won the kitchen $40k to $80k division with this wonderful entry. This kitchen was a wonderful mix of old and new, modern and country, stylish and cozy.

Raymac Remodeling took home 2 awards for these great projects: Residential Interior $100,000 and Over, and Home Theater & Media Rooms Under $150,000.LR to bar area

This basement went from studs to finished, creating a living area one wouldn’t want to leave anytime soon.

theater screen

While I can’t take for the winning project, I can take credit for the photography that showcases these rooms to their best advantage. My clients are smart, they know that professional architectural photography is worth the money when they are competing against other fine remodelers for this high award and recognition of their efforts. Take a moment to visit their sites, get some ideas on your next home improvement project!

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